Monday, November 12, 2012

Andy and Kaitlen Wedding

Todd Davidson brings so much more the a client than just snapping some photographs! Back in 2007 I hired Todd to take my senior pictures when I was graduating from High School. I was so impressed with the creativity that Todd brough to the table. He would use a multitude of different locations throughout the photo shoot that added greater value and quality to the photographs he captured. Not only is Todd very skilled at his craft but he is very passionate about the clients that he works for. Todd did such an amazing job with my senior pictures that this year my wife and I hired him to be the photographer at our wedding. It may sound odd, but Todd made our wedding day so much more special and memorable just by being our photographer and taking our photographs. He really got to know us as a couple and go to know our friends and our families. Most wedding photographers only come the day of the wedding and usually leave a little early, but not Todd, he was at our rehearsal and our rehearsal dinner, he arrived when my wife arrived early in the morning and he stayed till after my wife and I left. His passion and love for his profession show tremendously through his work and through the genuine care he shows his clients. To him, he isn t working for clients, he is working for friends! I would recommend Todd Davidson to every person that I know! You will be so glad that you did. Thanks to Todd my wife and I have amazing photos and memories that will last a lifetime!

Bride and Groom on red wallPhotographer Todd with Bride and Groom

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