A year ago July, my phone, and email blew up with very strange messages.  “Todd, something happened!”  “Dude you have to call me ASAP”, “Todd, you need to pray!”, “Todd……….James, has been in a really bad accent!” Now, that was a year ago, and it still brings tears to my eyes, and chills down my… More

I did some camping and rock climbing last week in Arkansas.  And as normal I was playing with my camera, trying to get some fun shots.  Here are a few form the first night camping.  I was excited to capture the stars on this very cleat night.  I like what I came out with, but… More

Once again I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of a Miss Brooklynn event.  http://www.missbrooklynnproductions.com/ This event was the Miss Firecracker. Miss Brooklynn Productions takes pride in celebrating the inner beauty of young girls, and to build confidence in young girls and  break the cycle of low self-esteem. There are many great images from… More

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer night iPhone photos- Kansas City You know the best camera is, the camera that you have with you. I was hanging outside, letting the dogs play, and the light was great.  I shoot a lot with my iPhone, because it is not scary to others around, and there are tons of fun apps to… More

Monday, June 13, 2011

Macro Photography Fun. I was able to borrow a 100mm Canon L macro lens. So I did a few days of photo testing with it. This was a fun project that had me dreaming of my old high school photo days. For all you photographers out there, make sure you do something new all the… More