The Kansas City music scene has ebbed and flowed over the last twenty years.  Recently I would say its on an upswing.  There are a lot of great young musicians coming of age.  They are good musically and great song writers.  With that in mind, Here is CUDO.   And young guy that has been… More

Friday, July 12, 2013
Worship Album- Your Great Love

I have had the pleasure to work with some great artists in Kansas City and across the country.  Most of the time it is a single musician or band.  This project was quite different.   Vineyard Church in Kansas City North is doing lots of amazing things on the KC metro area.  But internally they… More

The Delta Saints on stage

I have been following The Delta Saints career for over three years.  Over the years I have taken some photos live at shows.  But as I have been doing more video pieces, I really wanted to combine still photography into video story pieces.  This was a great opportunity with a fantastic band A couple of… More