About Todd Davidson The Photographer

Rock Star, Youth Minister, Husband, Dad, and Business Owner. All these things and more shape who I am today. They also make me a great photographer. Photographs tell stories about who we were then and a glimpse of who we will become. I love taking everything I have experienced to connect with the people and places I am photographing. May we continue to live life full of experiences that shape us, and I’ll keep photographing them.


I grew up in Olathe, Kansas and am very lucky to have an amazing family to encourage me in everything I did.  My mom always told me “find what you are passionate about, pursue it with all you have, and the money and success will take care of itself”.  So I did!

Photography really became part of my life with I was in high school.  I took all of the photo classes I could.  Some of them twice.  I liked sports, but was never very good, and I really loved music.  And who knew that TUBA players where in such high demand.  (Watch out ladies!)

So when it came college time, I applied to art schools and music schools.  Art School cost to much, with no guarantee of how to make money afterwards.  Then I was offered a full scholarship to play TUBA at Southwest Missouri State.  I was off to be a music teacher!

College didn’t last long.  I was your typical freshman.  Didn’t go to class, and rarely turned in work.    Clearly looking back, it wasn’t meant to be.  So I came back to Kansas City, continued to date my amazing girlfriend ( now my wife ) and I jumped fully into photography.

I once again took every photography class I could find.  This time at the Community College, and I got a job at the local camera store Crick’s.  It was a great situation.  I was learning about gear (and getting better prices) and I was learning theory and process at school.

The wonderful thing about photography is that it is a hands on, learn as your fail, apprentice style career.  I moved on from school, kept shooting a lot, and started interning with anyone that would let me.  Product photographers, wedding photographers, sports photographers, fashion photographers.  Eventually I worked my way all the way to Hallmark Cards.

My wife and I had gotten married, and I knew I wanted to be a little more stable, and what a better pace than Hallmark.  So I worked as an assistant, a studio manager and an Associate Photographer.  It was a great experience working my way through, with great resources, experienced photographers, and the chance to see how photography effected marketing on a global scale.


Todd rocking out on the drums


While working on growing my photography skills, I revisited music to play drums in a Christian rock band.

We toured all over the United States, up to 200+ shows a year.

Music continues to be a huge part of my life.  Playing and traveling with Autumn In Repair. Playing around Kansas City with JT Brown, and leading worship at church on a regular basis.

Bass and Drums are what I play mostly, but you might see me hacking on a guitar or piano.  And I am always singing and whistling, it’s not good, but deal with it!




Photo of young Family

I have an amazing wife, who runs her own Dental practice Waters Davidson Dentistry

We have two amazing boys.

A black lab, 2 cats, and many chickens ( depending on the day)

We are very busy out on our farm.  There is always something being remodeled, fixed, built or planted.

The boys keep us busy with baseball, soccer, cub scouts and more.  oh yeah….school.

Having kids has made me a much better Photographer.  It teaches me daily to be patient, get on their level, and to see it their way.  That perspective helps me to relate with other families and kids, and the stress that can be getting your photo taken.  My goal as a photographer is to make clients fell comfortable and relaxed, so that we can capture the best photograph of them possible.  Thats not possible with sad kids, and ticked off parents.  I have been there…….and I don’t want my clients to ” go there”