Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Kansas City Family Photography- The Johnsons

My parents always told me.  You never know when you treat people right, where they might show up in your life again.  This has been proven true in my personal life and in my photography business over and over.


Years ago, when I was much more athletic, I played basketball with a bunch of guys.  A couple of those guys were my cousin Tyghe and his friend Jay.  None of us were that great a basketball, but we played hard and had fun.  Well Jay and I ran into each other again at Drown Out Cancer Fundraiser this year.  I remembered what a great guy he was, and we chatted for awhile.

Fast forward a few months and Jay and his wife had their second child and wanted new family photos.  Since the fundraiser they had been following my work and knew that we got along.  So they called and booked a fall family photo sitting.  They were a ton of fun!   They picked a place in North Kansas City with a waterfall and great fall colors.  With some patience and goofiness, we captured some great family photos.  We ended up hanging out at their house for a few hours after the shoot, and really connected talking about family and business.

I love meeting new people, and telling their story through photography and video.

And…..  Once again Mom and Dad were right.  “Treat people with respect and honor, you never know how they will be in your life in the future”


Family with fall colors young baby with sister baby boy blond little girl family in front of waterfall girl hugging mom playful little girl family holding hands on bridge dancing girl