Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Promotional Video- Drown Out Cancer

If a picture says a thousand words, than a video can share a lifetime.


That is exactly our goal with Tyghe Nielsen’s video for Drown Out Cancer.


Tyghe has been fighting colon rectal cancer for over 2 years, and his story is remarkable.  He has been a competitive young man his whole life, and we wanted to communicate in the video, how that has shaped his fight against cancer.

Tyghe’s amazing drive in life has lead him to fight more than just his cancer, by starting Drown Out Cancer.  An event focused on empowering people through swimming to make a difference in the research to stop cancer.


Please view and share the video with friends. And Ultimately visit, to get registered or make a donation.

Help us to blow up this video, to do our part and support Tyghe in his mission!



If you are a non-profit looking to make great promotional material.  Todd Davidson Photography.  816-509-7321