Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Music Photography and video- The Delta Saints

I have been following The Delta Saints career for over three years.  Over the years I have taken some photos live at shows.  But as I have been doing more video pieces, I really wanted to combine still photography into video story pieces.  This was a great opportunity with a fantastic band

A couple of the band mates are originally from Kansas City and Lawrence, Kansas.  Similar to most bands, they started their music careers in small clubs like The Bottleneck, in Lawrence, KS.  These clubs are the life blood of music scenes all over the world.  But the best is when bands, like The Delta Saints, grow in popularity, and continue to play at these small clubs.  The fans love it, the bands stay connected, music continues to be made and celebrated!


I hope you love the video.  Please share it, and continue the support of great local music, and art.

If you know of a band you would like me to photograph or do a story on, please contact me.  As a musician this fills my soul!