Saturday, November 3, 2012

Pribula Family Photos | Overland Park, KS

Pribula Family Photos

Overland Park, KS


Ya know what, there are benefits to having kids.

Laughter- Check

Love- Check

Social life-  uhhhhh nope.

But every now and again, your crazy family life leads to meeting really wonderful people.

This summer our family officially started playing little league baseball.  And of course being the extrovert I am, I volunteered to Head Coach one team and assist in the other.  So I jumped right in, remembering my youth baseball skills as much better than the really were.

Luckily the team I assisted with had an awesome coach named Joe.  So I promptly stole all the things he taught that team, to try and help my head coaching job.  It didn’t work, we went 0-16.  Sorry kids- have ya heard of the bad news Bears.

Through it all, we met Joe and his awesome family, and despite my baseball skills, they still trusted me to take their photos.

We had a wonderful time, and lot of fun with the kids.  Hopefully they agree, and we can continue to coach the best we can, and mix in a real dinner here and there.


Photos of a young family


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