Thursday, November 1, 2012

Precious Baby Sophia Photography

Baby Sophia Photos

Olathe, KS


So I believe that God has answered a specific prayer for me.  I know it’s silly.  But I was terrified to have a baby girl.  So I prayed, please don’t give me a girl.  And I didn’t.  I have two wild, active boys!.. I love them to death, but God is probaly laughing at the chaos I brought on myself.

Now you are wondering why I didn’t want girls?

Check out precious little Sophia, and tell me that your heart isn’t flipped upside down.  I am a softy, and I know it.  If I had a baby girl, she would get away with everything!


 “Daddy, can I take the car to a metal concert with my boyfriend?


“But Daddy, I’m you’re baby girl, and you promised me you would provide anything I need”   while batting eyes

“OK sweety, and here is $50 for gas and snacks!”


Ya see, there goes my baby half hanging out of her outfit with some dude named Sly, who won’t keep his hands off!

So thanks you David and Tiffany for sharing Sophia with me.  I reaffirms that I am not a strong enough man to handle having an baby girl.

My heart is safe for now.  🙂

Ill shut up and share Sophia’s photos.

New Born baby girl photos


Let me know if you are in need of a photographer in Olathe Kansas.