Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Fashion / Hair Photography | Kansas City

Fashion Photography

Kansas City


The wonderful ladies at Xiphium Salon contacted me again to do another concept shoot.  This time they took it to the next level.  Here is the first shoot we did.


Vilma and the crew wanted to communicate a Prohibition theme new and old…… on the same model!!!

SO we met a few times to game plan how to style the hair, clothes, makeup and where to shoot.  I was really excited for this project.  It gave me a chance to create a moodier scene than most of my work.  The models were fantastic, and of course the hair and makeup were top notch!


Make sure you check Xiphium out for your every day beauty needs as well as that special occasion!  They are amazing.


Two prohibition girls with bartenderBlonde girl with prohibition hair


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