Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baby Fira’s First year photography | Overland Park

Baby’s first year photography

Overland Park, KS


The first year of a babies life is amazing.  They go from chubby little balls of joy, to crazy little one year olds.  Yet it is amazing to go back and look at photos of the whole year.  Yes, they change a lot, but they stay so much the same as well.  Facial features, body language, and personality are there all along.  They just become more apparent when they are older.


I am so lucky when families ask me to be a part of a babies first year.  I feel like an uncle when it is all done. We have laughed and played together, and I usally get pooped and spit up on.


Thanks to Fira and her family for letting me be a part of her amazing first year photography.


Here is a recap of her photos.  The newest ones are at the bottom.


Newborn baby sleepingNewborn baby photo

4 month old babyBaby girl1 year old baby girl1 year old baby girl1 year old baby girl1 year old baby girl, with parents