Thursday, October 18, 2012

Global Fork Catering Photography- Overland Park, KS

Global Fork Catering Photography- Overland Park, KS

I have to say that this was the most tasty photoshoot I have done in awhile.

I was contacted by Jerri Jensen of Global Fork Catering to come photograph her creations at an appetizer party she was throwing.

Lets see, good food, good wine, good people and photography.  Am I dreaming!!!!

It was a great event, I met lots of amazing people, and booked another job.  Networking at its finest.


My parents told me multiple times to find something you love to do, and find a way to make money at.  Well I like photography, but more so I love the people I get to meet because of photography.  Jerri is one of those people.  Thanks for having me be a part of your business, you are a fantastic caterer.  I hope our photography collaboration leads to more business for you.


Caterer Jerri  Jensen with Global Fork CateringPhoto of Shrimp CocktailPhoto of Salad, appetizer and Steak