Thursday, May 31, 2012

Kids Photography Tips and Fun | Kansas City

Kids Photography

Kansas City

Taking kids photos is a lot like what I know about raising kids.

Be present, Be prepared, and have fun!!!

Blonde kid photo, in tire swing

Kids are unpredictable, and man, they are fast!

So here are a few tips.

1. Have your camera out and ready.  By the time you pull your camera out of the bag, it is usually to late to catch whatever silly thing they are up to.

Point and shoots are slow to turn on and slow to trigger.  So don’t wait.  Hang it around your neck like your weird uncle if you have to.

DSLR cameras are faster , but big and scary sometimes.  Work hard to get past that barrier.

Fast shutter speeds and a fast film speed ( 400, 800, 1600) can help stop the action while chasing “dash”

2. Get down to their level.

Everyone knows the perspective above a kid.  But most of us have forgot what it is like to be 3 feet tall.  So get down there, see what the weather is like.  And don’t be afraid to get dirty.  Clothes can be washed, moments pass quickly.

3.   Engage with the rug rats.

The more you play with them, the more they trust you.  The more they trust you, they will play more, laugh more, and put on a show!

Show them photos you are taking, they love to see themselves

Use your camera as a prop. –  balance things on it.  Play peek a boo.

Make fun of yourself.   Kids love when you get hurt, or look goofy.  Mess up your hair, have someone give you bunny ears.

4. Let them be

Don’t try posing them.  Instead make sure you engage with them.  Play tag and lead them to the good light, or down the slide.  At the least they will be thinking you are fun and later in the shoot they will respond better to you.

5.   Take lots of photos!

Film is no longer an expense.  So pull the trigger a  lot.  Until you learn how to anticipate the moment.  Just keep shooting.  Sort through the carnage later.

Photography is fun, don’t get mad when it doesn’t go your way.  Make this a positive experience for the kids, and live to photograph another day!