Thursday, May 24, 2012

Baby Photography | Olathe, Kansas | Miles

Baby Photography

Olathe, KS

When Rock Stars Become Dads

I have had many great relationships in life.  Crazy people in the music industry, Wonderful people in ministry, and lots of business partners.  Eric and Megan Owen have now spanned all three!

The Owens were youth at the church when I volunteered, Then Eric became the bass player in my band.  And we toured in stinky vans coast to coast brining hard rock to the masses.  Then Eric, Megan, my wife Lindsay and I, all lead the youth ministry at our church.

Now they are awesome school teachers and we all have babies.

We are just as cool as we where back then.  We just have to wake up earlier……

Eric and Megan came over for dinner a few weeks before baby was due.  During the conversation they asked me to take photos right after the baby was born.  I was so excited to be there when “Miles” was introduce to the family for the first time.

One week later I was able to visit and take more photos of him all cleaned up.  And they let me hold him!!!!!!

I love babies, but I will let everyone else worry about populating the world.  I have my two bundles, and am blessed with them!

Thanks Eric and Megan for allowing me into your wonderful moments, to photography your baby Miles.  He is precious!

Newborn baby in the hospital, with family1 week old baby photographyI week old photographs at home