Monday, November 7, 2011

Senior Photos | Ellen

Senior Photos

Olathe, KS

As a photographer, this year has been amazing.  I have photographed so many outstanding people.  And the weather has been perfect.  October and November can be so hit and miss with cold and rain, but this year has been perfect photo weather.  I know its to dry for farmers and plants, but I have loved it.

The week leading up to Ellen’s photo shoot was gray, cold and wet.  But , like the rest of the year this weekend was gorgeous.  Ellen is a very bright girl and a great percussionist.  She was full of great ideas, and a priceless smile.  I shot way to many frames, but when the weather is perfect, and you have a beautiful subject, you have to keep creating beautiful photos.

We spent most of the shoot at Mahaffie Farm Stead, and finished up at the football field.